So it's been while since I have updated! and theres been a lot going on:

* working at a certain popular frozen yogurt place is driving me crazy -- but all in all its fun -- i can't complain i like getting paid :) ..lol

* Shiny Toy Guns concert -- my god.. 1 hour -- drive to ventura , 1 hour -- listening to a horrible ( well that's mean) band , 15 min -- staring at hair navals, 20 min -- standing out side waiting for the band, another 1 hour -- driving back home ... but did we see the band ... NO .. sigh... but it was a fun adventure with Jessica .. lol

* spending $200 on stuff to send to the Philippines makes me feel nice

* New BRITNEY SPEARS cd ... makes me feel like a happy and proud parent ... its better than what i originally expected after the whole VMA performance ... you can't argue .. girlfriend still has it and i would still pay to see her!!! lol

* I haven't been watching all my usual shows and it seems to not be bothering me which is surprising.

* I love my ZUNE, you can brag about having an ipod or ipod touch or an iphone and i would not care one bit because i love my zune !!! (btw. the guy in the picture is not me .. just wanted to clarify that)

* i can't wait till Christmas ... i occasionally flip to KOST 103.5 in hopes that they already started my songs but still no luck .. its ok 59 more days

* i miss my cousins i haven't seen them since july and some april .. sigh..

* i miss going to the casino

anyhoot that's enough rambling for the day .. well just this morning ill probably post again later if i'm bored .. which is likely


First Entry Ever.

I guess this is my first entry on this blog. I made this blog for the chance to have something different from the typical myspace or facebook ... all though i still plan on keeping my accounts (gh3tt0_punk@yahoo.com if you wanna add me ).

log·or·rhea (lôg′ə rēə)
excessive talkativeness, esp. when incoherent and uncontrollable
Etymology: ModL: see logo- & -rrhea